Washington Habitat Registration Form

Volunteers are a great support for Washington Habitat for Humanity operations. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. After the completion of your application you will be notified by our office. Thank you for interest in becoming a volunteer. Keep the policy information the same.

Build dates and tasks are not guaranteed. Progress is subject to weather related delays and an adequate number of volunteers on each scheduled build day. If inclement weather occurs, both parties must agree on the appropriate make up opportunities. Washington Habitat’s weather policy is as follows:

Our policy is to wait to make any cancellation decisions until the morning of a scheduled build day. There are, however, times when we will do it in advance if a sponsor (or the majority of sponsors) for a given day expresses a preference to reschedule the day earlier in order to provide more advance notice to their volunteers.

On those occasions where the weather forecast or site conditions suggest the possibility of improved conditions later in the day, we may elect to delay the start time for a given build day to 10AM so we may continue to monitor conditions.